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  • Product Name: Tufted carpet fabric PP
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SJPL- flat film tape extruder for high quality, high performance and special design of flat PP!

High quality flat low consumption and better economic benefit

Suitable: PP flat tufted carpet fabric, PP fabric, artificial turf cloth retracting the bottom two

Multi station mixed batching system

Mixing and batching system of various functional masterbatch mixing, recipe storage function.

Film cooling system

The specially designed equipment and water system for high speed production to create conditions.

Intelligent control system

Through the touch screen control, with data storage, fault alarm function, simple operation.

High precision die head

Through the simulation of the extrusion test and a CNC processing, the high quality of the diaphragm is provided.

Double air duct air oven

Through the low noise and high temperature double air duct fan and automatic temperature control system to form a closed hot air circulation system, the maximum increase the heating efficiency of the hot air circulation oven, the indicators have reached the domestic first-class level.

High precision heat setting roller

By selecting high-quality steel and advanced processing technology, the unique internal structure, the highest surface bright and clean degree can be a mirror, surface temperature of roller and beating degree index has reached the level of the domestic first-class. The roller diameter is 600mm, flat type retraction provides sufficient assurance.


Main technical parameters



*Maximum extrusion


Extruder power


Screw diameter


Die lip length


**Maximum production speed


Winding head number




*Related to the use of the melt pump

**And the size of raw materials and products




Pellet feeding machine

Other extrusion machines


Multi position metering device

Automatic exchange network

Gear pump system

Traction device

Extended hot air box

Cooling water tank

The tensile part, roll out quota

Stripping device

Diaphragm thickness measuring system

Wire cutting device

Fiber device

Hot air box

Volume monitoring system

Standard drawing part

Automatic control of flat head

Draw part protective cover

Cooling-water machine

Oil heat setting roller

Cooling tower

Cold roll system


Electrostatic processor


Edge recovery


Winding machine